29 June 2011

Canadian goodbyes and Country Manors

Once we got all ready to go it was time to take the Canadians to the airport so they could finish the last leg of their trip – Paris- before heading back to Canada (after almost 6 weeks of traveling). We loaded all of their stuff up and then headed to the airport to say our goodbyes. Of course it was difficult but knowing my past with Diana, I know we’ll be meeting up somewhere crazy and unexpected soon.

Once we they headed through the rather quick and easy security we headed to the car to begin an afternoon visiting different manors in the countryside. They used to be privately owned but are now open to visitors. Most of them are free of cost to walk around the grounds (you must pay to go into the house or the museum) but of course the first one we went to was one of the few that recently decided to charge to enter the grounds (which apparently has caused quite a stir from other Estonians).

No worries though, there were plenty more to see (we chose two).

When we got to the 3rd manor we met up with Chris’s brother, sister in law, and niece and nephew. From there we headed to the beach to take it all in one last time before the rain came and we had to leave.

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