29 June 2011

Underground city

Because we missed the introductory video and the tour guide had just memorized the lines she was supposed to say (without putting emotions behind them), I didn’t get much more information about the history later on. But what I could figure out was in the 15th or 16th century these walls had been built around Tallinn, and tunnels underneath them, probably to hide and escape during battle. Then they were re-discovered in the 1800’s I believe, and again in the early 1900 s, and again in 1995 (why they kept getting discovered and re-discovered I’m not so sure, especially because they never went anywhere). So even though the tour was rather silly and corny (going back in the past, and then forward in the future to watch a video of what Tallinn might look like in 2219 by adding futuristic designs to the current buildings), it was really interesting to see the different ways that the tunnels were used: as a bomb shelter during the war, and even for homeless in the 1980’s and 90’s… and there were toilets that everyone gasped at and couldn’t believe they were used, but they looked surprisingly similar to the toilets at my school…

After this tour we headed to a pub to grab a bite to eat, which ended up being the type of place we always went to eat when we weren’t grilling meat (that will come later). The portions were once again huge, and Matteo ordered some lamb and got this HUGE leg of lamb… it was awesome. Believe it or not, he finished all of it. Must have been hungry!

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