21 February 2011

Arts and Crafts

When I woke up this morning it was snowing. So I knew it was a day to bring my camera with me to school. And I'm glad I did. (first full week back after... well... a rather long haitus of full weeks off and/or semi-weeks = a bit of anxiety and stress for the week to come... = camera necessary).

I saw this on my walk to school....
And made friends with some doorbells (yes, I did say doorbells. At least in the villages, a doorbell doesn't exist. An adorable dog is the doorbell.)
This one thought he was so mean... until he realized I liked him so then he liked me and he was so sweet. And camera shy...

I pass this house (on the right) every day when going to school when I take the short cut (which is every day since I'm usually running just a little behind)... And that is the "gate" I duck under every day... usually with a few bags in tow (I'm surprised they don't call me 'the bag lady" yet.)

sOnce I got to school I had some time off. So I decided to start crafting. After my hour off, I had my 9th form class again. During the break they decided to help me with my craft... then after the break they decided they wanted to keep helping me. Since my partner teacher had some work to do, she agreed it was ok. We told the kiddos they were responsible for whatever we were going to be talking about during that time, but in reality we didn't even know so they got a day off. Again.
So we worked the whole period cutting and gluing and coloring.

And cutting and gluing and coloring some more.

The finished project is the 2nd photo down on the left... the flowers.

They also assisted with the rain drops to add to the umbrella I made last week (and I thought I'd show you what I've done with some of the post cards I've received... I'd love more!!!!)

... can you tell I'm sick of winter and ready for spring?!?!??!