07 February 2011

At home yoga attempt 1

Ok, so I heard about this amazing podcast called "yogamazing" and I decided to check it out this morning since I woke up at 6:30am wide awake and ready to relax. When I went to my computer to download the most recent podcast, it said it was going to take 3 hours. Not happening. So I tried streaming it on youtube. Also slow. But I was able to stream a short 6 minute video where the instructor talks about yoga in a hotel room... which seems pretty fitting for the apartment where I am. It was great and helpful... but too short, and by the time the 25 minute video loaded I had already eaten 1 1/2 chocolate chip oatmeal raisin cookies and it was light outside. So my mental focus had kinda shifted to the pain in my stomach thanks to the dairy and the fact that it was already light outside. So I tried to do a couple of the beginning stretches I'd learned in Bikram yoga but oh-my-gosh I need a really good back massage before that can happen. So today I will probably be getting another CT scan and then calling a woman that I heard will bring a massage table to me and give me an awesome 1 1/2 hour massage for 150 lei (about 12 USD). Then maybe tomorrow morning (or before I go to bed) I will be able to do some stretching and relaxation... as long as I lay off on the cookie intake today (but it's sooooo hard because they're sooooooo good!) Oooh temptation.

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