07 February 2011


I've been happy all day... and it feels great to be back to myself. I hope this lasts because it's an awesome feeling... even though my lungs still aren't healing. But I'm seeing the beauty in all of the life around me again instead of walking around with my head in the clouds... and I like this!!


  1. Cate, I'm glad you're feeling better. I'm carrying your box around in the car with me, and I'm going to get out at noon tomorrow and get to UPS to find out how to send it. If it's like our stuff we send to Germany, I'll have to account for the country of origin of everything in it, so it may be a few more days. My question is... will you still be there and do you still need it?

    Let me know!

  2. Hey!! Yea, I'm glad I'm feeling better, too.
    I definitely plan on sticking around... I made a commitment to be here and gosh darnit I'm doing to do whatever I can to hopefully stick it out till the end.
    What people have done in the past is send it through flat rate shipping. It usually takes about 2 weeks to get here, sometimes a little longer. It is usually the cheapest option and, as far as i know, nothing has been lost.
    I'm so excited. Thank you SO much for doing this! I've been scanning and printing documents all day, so hopefully things will get moving soon. :)