11 February 2011

Still feels good

I was going to put up the lyrics to she song Still Feels Good by Rascal Flatts... until I looked them up and found out they don't exactly relate to anything that's going on in my life right now... other than the fact that I'm still feeling good.

Yesterday morning began a bit in a hurry- I accidentally slept in (well, not quite accidentally since i never set an alarm, but accidentally because I've been waking up much earlier lately) so I was a bit rushed. I had plans to be at the International School here in Chisinau to observes the classrooms of two of my new friends who teach there. I was so impressed by the school that it might be something I do after Peace Corps. The school was so nice, clean, and organized. The kids were totally involved in the activities and seemed to be having a great time. QSI is really big on the student/teacher ratio and it was obvious (in my friend's class of 6 year olds, there were 7 students, the teacher, and the assistant teacher). It was great. And she had the students go around the room and introduce themselves and where they (or their parents, because they've moved around a lot already) are from. I was so impressed. Then, after lunch, she took me downstairs and showed me the art room. Holy. Cow. I about fainted right then and there when I saw the SHELVES full of construction paper, markers, glue, glitter, paint... you name it. All of those art supplies got me itching to go back to the apartment and get crafting... so that's what I did. And boy did I craft :)

I made some classroom decorations about feelings... and I'm not done yet! I plan on writing out all of the words like I did for happy and sleepy, and then make a few more faces. And then some weather decorations. And then maybe some prepositions. And maybe some verbs and sentences. AHHH I love construction paper and crafting!!!!!!!

Then, after a full afternoon of crafting I met up with my new friends for a wine tasting. Unfortunately it was all in Russian so I had no idea what they were saying... but the wine (and the food that came with it) was really good. I wish I could stay in Chisinau for the rest of my service... it's nice to be able to get out and meet new people and try new things. Unfortunately they're on an American salary so it's easier for them to do these expensive dinners once a week, but the way I look at it is you only live once. Plus, it kind of makes me feel like I'm living an "upper class" lifestyle by hanging out with all of these people from the Embassy. Pretty fun.

Now I'm off to craft some more... I have another CT scan today to make sure everything is clearing up like it's supposed to, and then I will continue to movie watch and craft the rest of the day.

Oh, and I watched Beaches yesterday. I'm not sure why I chose that movie (it was one of my mom's favorites...) but for some reason I did... and I thought by keeping myself distracted I wouldn't cry. I was even making the "happy" face at the funeral "Wind Beneath My Wings" scene... and I still got choked up. Gets me every time.

You should tell the ones you loves that you love them! Always! And good, true friends will be with you for the rest of your (or their) life. I'm glad I have a couple of those :)

And I love you! :)

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