02 February 2011


Amelia was my RA my first year when I went to the University of Kansas. She's two years older than me and an absolute goofball. I don't know what it was about her that made us click... but it was an instant friendship. Maybe it was when she took my scooter for a ride to her boyfriends house and fell over, breaking a mirror, even though I told her to keep her eyes forward. Or maybe it was that every time we got together we couldn't stop laughing and I'm pretty sure our IQ's equally drop when we start talking. Regardless, Amelia is awesome. And she's bringing me back home to photograph her wedding in June and I can't wait!!

The first picture was at an event my freshman year... and the second was after I took her engagement pics, right before I came to Moldova!

Well, yesterday I was going to take a bath, but the bath tub is big so I started the water awhile before I wanted to get in. Then I went back to my computer, where I planned to do some more facebook browsing until it was time to relax. Then Amelia called and I was SO excited and we had a lot to talk about and she showed me the blizzard that is currently going on in Kansas... and before I knew it tons of time had passed. And this is what my bathtub looked like when all of a sudden I remembered the water was still running:
And it was lukewarm.

But I still sat in it. Because I love my baths.


  1. I love you and this photo of the bath filled to the brim made me laugh. I hope you are feeling better now, little Cate.

  2. I thought you would appreciate that photo, knowing you know how much I like my baths :)