27 February 2011

Church and Prison

Yesterday a friend took me on an "excursion" to Metro, which is basically like Costco. You must have a membership and bring your own bags... and you can buy many things in bulk. We went there for... well, I can't tell you yet. But on Tuesday I will.

Anyways, we stopped for gas on the way there... and I saw the tower (pictured on the right). I said, "Wow. That watch tower makes this look like a concentration camp" and my friend said, "It's a prison". Well, that makes sense then.... and I didn't even know there was a prison in Chisinau (but that's not surprising considering I still can hardly find my way around in this city even though I've spent a lot of time here).
Then, after the Metro trip, we decided to go to the only Catholic Church here in Chisinau and attend the Mass. It has been a long time since I actually attended a Catholic mass and I was reminded why... and just how much I miss the pastor at the church I attended at home on occasion since I was little... But I did learn that the service at a Catholic mass is the same everywhere and the only difference is the "real life" story the Priest tells in relation to the scripture for the day... which makes sense as to why there are Catholic churches all over the world and that people attend mass even if they don't know the language... because they can look online and find the scriptures for the day. This I find very fascinating.

... but the message yesterday was about worry. While the "real life" scenario the Priest told related to alcoholism, I could obviously still relate it to my life since that seems to be a huge part of it lately. Whenever I do attend church I always seem to find that the message is slapping me in the face, and it is almost like there was a reason my heart told me to attend a service on that day. Hmm.

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  1. God has His way of speaking to us, and I'm glad to hear that He is speaking to you right where you are! Love your photos and writing today.