30 September 2010

Mickey Mouse

Last week I began hearing a “scratch scratch” under my bed at night. After hearing it one night, I decided to let it be. Plus, even though it woke me up, I was tired enough that I went right back to sleep. Then he came for a visit 2 more nights- and that’s when I decided to say something to my NMG. As soon as I began to describe the situation she asked if it was a șoarece (mouse). Because I gave her my (rather common) look of, “What did you just say?!”, she said, “Mickey Mouse”. It’s actually become a fun game to try and communicate with each other when I don’t understand what is going on- because she remembers a lot of random words- and their definitions- in English (ie Mickey Mouse, and give me a kiss). I told her yes, I’m pretty sure it is Mickey Mouse under my bed. She said if I heard it again that night that she would let the cat sleep with me the next.

As if Mickey Mouse could tell time, he came back at 9:40 the next night- which was the same time he’d come back the previous nights. Lucky me- I got to sleep with a cat the next night!

While I’m unsure if the cat actually caught Mickey Mouse, I can guarantee that I had a very snuggly ball of fur next to me all night with a purr that was louder- and happier- than the purr of any cat I’ve ever heard before.

… and Mickey Mouse has yet to make another appearance (although I do think it was just a fluke that I didn’t hear him last night, but let’s hope the fur ball really did catch him while I was sleeping).

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