06 September 2010


I've never been one to iron my clothes. Why not? Well, I never saw the need. I mean, my clothes have never been too wrinkled, and the wrinkles usually went away (for the most part) by the end of the day.

L has been pointing out my wrinkles so I guess it's time to start ironing. Maybe the reason I've been so opposed to it before is because it makes me feel too grown up. Newsflash to me: I'm almost 23 (is it Thursday yet?!) and I'm actually working in the real world... it's time to start ironing me clothes.

And you know what? I ironed my shirt AND my skirt this morning and it felt pretty good. It helped the little trigger in my brain tell me, "hey. You're a grown up now. And you know what? This is kind of fun".

So every morning I will now be ironing my clothes so I can remember I'm a grown up now and it's important to look nice and professional.

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