06 September 2010

Low turnout?

Moldovan referendum appears to flop on low turnout

CHISINAU, Sept 5 | Sun Sep 5, 2010 4:32pm EDT

(Reuters) - A referendum in Moldova to decide on whether to elect the president by popular vote appeared to have failed on Sunday because of a low turnout, according to figures from the Central Election Commission.

Commission secretary Iurie Ciocan told journalists that turnout stood at 29.67 percent, with final figures to come in only from a part of Moldova in the breakaway territory of Transdniestria and from Moldovans working in the West.

Commentators said these were not likely to influence the final turnout enough to bring it close to the 33.34 percent required to make the referendum valid.

The outcome was a blow for the ruling West-leaning Alliance for European Integration, which had pressed for the referendum to help to end political paralysis, and a triumph for the opposition Communists who had called for a boycott of the voting. (Writing by Richard Balmforth; editing by David Stamp)

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More information can be found here (a more in-depth article)

Yesterday was a big day in Moldova... or at least everyone made it sound like it was a big deal. Moldovans were supposed to vote for-or against- a Referendum which, if I understand it correctly, was to determine if they are going to have the right to vote (and have it count for something) or if they are going to have other people represent them have have them vote. While everyone seemed to care about the turnout of this, it seems that not everyone seemed to care enough to cast their vote. Moldova hasn't had an official leader for almost 2 years- and this vote was supposed to be a step in the direction of electing someone. Since it no longer counts, I'm curious to see what will happen next... and I'm sure most Moldovans are with me on this. Stay tuned... hopefully something will be decided before I go back to America.

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