08 September 2010

Birthday Eve

Well, it's the eve of my 23rd (gasp!) birthday. It's been a rainy day but I was able to sleep in until 7:30 because I didn't have to teach until 3rd period.

What you probably don't know (but do now!) is that Moldovans celebrate most holidays for 2 days. I was under the assumption, however, that meant the day OF the holiday plus the following day.

Apparently I was wrong.

Today I went to Maria's and she gave me a squirrel stuffed animal and a chocolate bar. Then I went to L's and she gave me a plant and another present is on it's way (I'll get to that). Then at dinner my NMG surprised me with a HUGE cake that said "23a" (meaning 23 ani, meaning 23 years). She also gave me a white towel with a beautiful embroidered blue flower on it. I'm afraid to use it!

The biggest surprise (which is the one coming later)? I'm getting a cat. Yes, you read that right. A cat! Actually, I lied. I'm getting a kitten. L's kiddos know how much I love their dog so they assumed it's a good idea to get me a kitten. While I am beyond thrilled (my sister is probably shocked), I'm pretty sure my host family (FG) is not going to be so thrilled. Let's just say they aren't the biggest animal lovers- and that says a lot considering most Moldovans aren't animal lovers. So I'm curious to see how this goes over... and whether or not I'll be able to keep it indoors.

In the meantime- any ideas on how to "potty train" a kitten when you don't have a litterbox and you don't want it to be an outdoor cat?


  1. You can utilize a cut down card board box lined with a plastic bag (at least along the bottom)and dirt, you will just have to be REALLY on top of keeping it clean. Most cats learn how to use a litter box from their mom, so hopefully it was raised in that environment. If not, keep the kitten in your room and keep an eye on it when at home. If it starts scratching at the floor or tries going into a corner or behind furniture, pick up the kitty and put it in the litter box. The kitten should pick up on it pretty quick. Good luck! Happy birthday!

  2. thank you! i can totally do that!! im sure it wasnt raised with a litter box bc im pretty sure they dont exist here. :)

  3. Moldovan cats have their own outhouses! They don't need litterbox! :D
    Ask your host about what cat hide! (in romanian of course!) and you will know to!