12 September 2010

Bday appreciation

Thursday was an awesome day for the most part. The weather was cold and rainy, I felt sick, I had some disrespectful students (not mine)... but none of that matters because everything else made up for it!

When I walked into my 4th, 10th, and 11th grade classes, they all started singing, "Happy Birthday" to me in English. The 10th and 11th graders gave me cakes and champagne. I received well over 100 flowers from the students in the school- I couldn't even carry all of them with me home because there were so many. I've never felt so appreciated before for something that I am doing. It was such a good feeling to have students that I don't even teach give me flowers and tell me they wish me success and many years of happiness. The best part? I've known them less than 2 weeks!

One of my 10th grade classes

The decorations my 11th grade class did for me on the (non magnetic) chalkboard. They're so sweet!

My 11th grade class

Look at all of the flowers the students got me in my school!! I'm pretty sure I got over 100. I've never felt so appreciated for something that I do before... this is the most rewarding part of teaching.

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