16 February 2012

Taking risks

The last few days have been rather mentally, emotionally, and physically draining. When I was younger, I used to explode when I got angry at someone whether it was a friend, my parents, or a significant other, because I would let the little things build and build and build until I couldn't take it anymore. Fortunately for me (and them!) I have learned how to communicate better and I've realized that yelling really doesn't solve problems. However, I think this is what happened with my thoughts. I have no idea where they all came from but all of a sudden they were all there and unstoppable and accounted for a near sleepless night causing a ridiculously irritating day after. The thoughts included just about everything in regards to my ideal future schools project (locations, contacts, funding, equipment, shots, thank you's) and the in-between (where, funding, exhibits, work), what to do after the project, what to do if the project isn't successful or even if I should do it at all, how I've changed since coming to Moldova, relationships, and the possibility of grad school (online or on campus? why or why not?). Oh my gosh. Just typing it seems like a lot... imagine having these thoughts for HOURS upon HOURS. #headache.

While all of these thoughts are still there, I can officially say that thanks to a couple of friends letting me spill it and writing it all out, I feel much better about everything.

And then I saw a Facebook status update of one of my college psychology professors:

Dear students, grad school isn't the only path to success. In fact, its a weak and tortuous path. Be creative, examine your options. That is all.

22 comments later she said this:

i was thinking about the millionaire who owns the *two* houses next to us on Flathead Lake, in addition to his ranch in Whitefish (for hobby only) who made his money in the fruit/vegetable transport business. Business BA + open mind + risk = WIN that will last several generations.

Although I could be wrong, I think she was mainly referring to psychology students in the original post although it can be applicable to multiple outlets (obviously or it wouldn't have struck home to me). While grad school is still a possibility and not a definitive option, I'm not speaking just about that. What I am focusing on is the RISK. All of these thoughts of mine are really centering around the risk I'd be taking. The risk of failing. But I also run the risk of succeeding in ways I never even dreamed imaginable and that is a risk worth going after at least just to see what would happen... and that thought makes me feel a whole lot better about everything.

Now if money just grew on trees...

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