25 February 2012

27 hour day

I made it safe and sound to Albuquerque. It was a 27-hour day if I count the time I left the hotel in Chisinau until the time I arrived at the house in New Mexico. The flight from Frankfurt to Atlanta was 10 1/2 hours and I was so thankful to have my own TV set so I could choose which movies to watch- and movie watching I did! The food was probably the best food I can remember having on an airplane and I feel like we were fed more than enough (or at least I was).

It is so weird to be back. When I arrived, it was around 9pm so it was dark outside. I haven't been to Albuquerque since I was 12, and quite frankly, I don't remember it and it has probably changed a lot since then. But I must say, damn, it feels great to be back in the United States. I just couldn't stop looking out the window on the way to the house and I kept thinking how great it is that I know most of these stores and I know where to get things that I need, and there's a coffeeshop I should check out and there's another one, and OH! Starbucks! Target! Mini dealership! Oh man... it just feels good to be back.

In terms of my dad, he is recovering well from his knee-replacement surgery. It's going to be a long and grueling recovery but so far, so good. In just the hour or so I was with him before going to bed last night I could see why it is so important to be here to help him recover. He really cannot do anything for himself, including go up and down the stairs to get ice packs or food. I'm very thankful I can be here to help.

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