27 February 2012

Jet lag

Jet lag sucks. I forget about it every time I travel long distances... thinking it's not going to be that bad but as soon as I get to the destination I remember just how much it sucks.

Let's think about the positive thoughts regarding jet lag.
  • I can go to bed early. No, no. That's not good because "early" means 6pm. That won't work
  • I'm a zombie in the afternoon. No, no. That's not good, either, because zombies aren't any fun
  • I can do sunrise yoga. Oh, wait. YES! Sunrise yoga!

This morning I woke up at 4:30 (30 minutes later than yesterday... I'm on a roll here) and decided to get my butt moving and head to a hot yoga class that began at 5:30am. After yesterday's attempt at a spinning class, this is definitely worth it! I feel so stretched out and much better. However, I think it's about time for a nap.

In regards to my dad's recovery... yesterday was a MUCH better day! He was feeling so good, in fact, that he went down the stairs and played some poker while watching the red carpet intro to the Emmy Awards with Connie (I was sleeping). He didn't make it too much past dinner (or even to the start of the show) but it's still great progress! If he keeps up like this, maybe he'll be joining me in my sunrise yoga classes before I leave. Ok, just kidding. But still, this is great news!

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