01 February 2012

Laughing till she cries

If you've been reading my blog since sometime around August 2010 and March 2011, you probably know how hard it was for me to adjust to my host family. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm glad because now it is a completely different story. As much as I can't wait for June, trust me when I say leaving my host family is going to be the hardest part of these two years in Moldova. Ok, moving on because I'm already teary-eyed; which is not what I meant by the title of this post. Well, not really.

The daily knock on my window around 6pm meant it was time for dinner. I walked the 7 seconds to the casa mica where my host family lives and cooks, and when I entered, my host dad was sleeping so I tried to be quiet. My host mom didn't care that he was sleeping because it was time to eat- and the mamaliga was going to get cold (and it's not good when it's cold) so he needed to get up anyways... so she broke the ice and asked if I was cold. "Yes, yes I am" I said, because it's freaking cold out there! As my host dad started to get up, he was "ouf, ouf, ouuuufffff" ing because apparently his leg is really hurting him today (I didn't know this was a problem). When he made it the 2 steps from the bed to the table, he had a hard time sitting down. Once he sat, he had a hard time sitting. So then he stood up (with my host mom laughing at him this whole time). At one point when he was standing up, he bent down to pick up some mamaliga and cheese crumbs that had fallen to the floor. As he did this, it looked like he was a ballerina so I asked him if he was one (yes, I do bring jokes. Sometimes. And really, I think only my host mom appreciates them because she's the only one that ever laughs. No one else seems to get them- in English or Romanian). This then caused him to laugh (once he got it) but my host mom was way ahead of him- so far ahead, in fact, that it almost brought her to tears. My host dad then added to the humor in sticking his leg back as if he was dancing, and then when he came back in from stepping outside for a couple of minutes, he stood next to the soba and did a table-top bend/move/dance-thing-whatever-the-technical-term-is-I-don't-know. He's a funny one!

Tonight we laughed till we cried. Yea, I'm going to miss this. Ouf, ouf, ouuuffff.

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