07 February 2012

The moon

There is something about a rising moon on a perfectly clear evening that takes my breath away. Tonight I stepped outside to go buy some water and I saw the moon just barely peeking over the horizon. It was almost transparent and a light shade of pink; blending in with the light shade of purple that was the sky. It was so beautiful that I just stood there for a minute... watching it rise. As I walked the 2 minutes to the store I forgot about it (short term memory loss, ADD, the cold, I don't know...) and when I came out, it caught my eye again: this time as a bright orange ball. The snow of the last 4 days and the sun of today brought such fresh air to our village and clear skies that I felt I could see every nook and cranny on this full moon. Again, I stood there for a minute... looking quite silly, I'm sure, to the men standing in the street. But I didn't care. It was beautiful... so beautiful, that I looked back over my shoulder every couple of steps to catch another glimpse on my way home.

Photographing the moon is something I have not been able to do properly. I think it is because I need a different lens, but this is the best I got for tonight... just know it does NOT do it justice!!

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