20 February 2012

Snow men

Over the last couple of weeks we have had an incredible amount of snow. Had it fallen in the mountains, I'm sure it would have been perfect for skiing because it was very powdery. That's cool and all, but in all honesty I've been waiting for it to become wetter because I wanted to build a snowman! Finally today I got my chance! And some kiddos stopped to help me... it was a lot of fun but I will say this: it's not a fun surprise when coming upon yellow snow. Snowmen are supposed to be WHITE- not yellow. ew. At least I had waterproof gloves on! When I got home I told my host mom I found "my man"... she thought it was funny :)

Then, when heading home, I noticed how the leaves had landed on the snow and sunk down an inch... leaving a beautiful imprint!

... and when the kids saw these icicles hanging off of the house, they couldn't resist but to stop and get one!

... and I couldn't say no for a photo, either.

Some people we met on the way home...

Something I love seeing is people pulling their little ones on sleds everywhere. It makes so much sense... sometimes the snow is too high for the kids to walk through, and they take forever... so it makes the trip much faster!

I must say, I'm quite impressed with these iPod photos! They're not print quality by any means, but they work!

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