28 August 2011


The other day I was called a star. And I didn’t quite get it. I mean, what have I really done in this community? I haven’t built a new playground or put a clean water facility in the school. I haven’t written a grant, and I haven’t done anything with the Mayor’s office (all of which are not obligatory, mind you). So I asked the men- if I haven’t done anything concrete for people to remember me, then why am I star? They said it doesn’t matter that I haven’t done any of that… it’s not important. They said everyone knows who I am, and I know who they are (which isn’t completely true because I am terrible with names, although I do recognize the faces). Then they said I go out and I talk to people and I get to know them and I care about them and that is what makes me a star. And that, my friends, made my day.

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