07 August 2011

Back in time

You know how I was saying just saying I wish an opportunity would just fall into my lap? Well, it kind of did. And I'm super excited about it but I'm not going to say anything more about that because I'm not ready to yet.

However, in the process of writing a cover letter (which I have never had to do before and if you never have either, trust me when I say it is much harder than it looks especially if you like to talk as much as I do), I remembered a blog post I had made just before coming to Moldova. I knew I had backtracked 27 months and highlighted the things I found to be important when thinking about the 27 months that were to come (major decisions regarding my education, traveling, jobs, and relationships). What I'd forgotten about, though, was the summary at the end of it... my thoughts on what had happened and my fears for the future. It's interesting how history has a funny habit of repeating itself. I wish I could just give them the link to the blog post and say: read this. It says a lot about me and my growth and my experiences... but also hire me now, and then look forward to reading the post I will make in one year.

What's so hard about this cover letter writing process is, well, I like to talk a lot. And I feel like a resumé doesn't say enough about a person and their personality and how they got to where they are at the moment to be applying for the open position, but a cover letter can't really say too much about what is on a resumé because it is all there on the next page but, again, there is no personality behind it so I want to put it all in the cover letter but before I know it I've written a novel and an incredibly long run-on sentence... !!!!

Ahhhh. With that off my chest, I'm back to writing. And rewriting. And rewriting again because I really want this job (and trust me when I say you want me to have it, too, wherever in the world you may be).

(sidenote: This video was made in 1998... that's the year my mom died. Do I read too much into things?)

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