29 August 2011


Mei mei mei mei mei... That's what my host brother likes to say a lot. I'm not quite sure what it means exactly because it can be said for really anything from "mei, mei, mei, mei, mei this BBQ is really good" to "mei, mei, mei, mei, mei these roads are bad". But I think right now I mean it more along the lines of the negative...

I got home this afternoon after staying with a friend only to find my family had left early in the morning to cut the corn in the fields. I was actually pretty excited because it was lunch time and I've been dying to make a vegetable curry... so I took this as the perfect opportunity to do so. However, I had to run to the store to get some chicken stock and an onion since I couldn't find where they were at the house, but they didn't have onions so I stopped to ask my neighbor for one, which then led to a bit of a conversation. Well, when I got back home, my family had returned... so much for the curry. So I went and gathered the ingredients I'd pulled out and brought them back into my room and then waited around for bit because I knew my host mom was going to have lunch coming.

When we finally sat down for lunch (um, "dunch" since it was about 5), mei mei mei mei mei there was some tension in the air. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but something along the lines of someone was supposed to buy beer and they didn't (we've never had beer at a meal?) and everyone was super tired from working all day, and then my host mom bit down on something and it really hurt her teeth so she was in pain... and so when she walked away for a few minutes to try to fix the pain, it seemed as though everyone was done eating and I didn't think she was coming back, so I figured it was up to me, the remaining female, to clean up the table. So I took my host dad's plate (he had the fork turned upside down... usually a sign of "I'm finished) and started to scrape what was left onto mine before my host brother started scolding me for doing that and told me to put it back because it wasn't "correct". Then he accused me of lying about where I was yesterday and not running the errands I said I was going to (and did) run, and then scolded me about playing with my hair (nervous habit). Good God, I couldn't wait for "dunch" to finish.

And I even slept well last night.

I think it's time to go for a walk.

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