29 August 2011

Photo walk + yesterday

Yesterday I caught a ride to another city to see a friend and a ladybug decided to join us for the ride, and the 5 and 7 year old girls loved playing with it the whole hour.

I'm not sure if she was digging for trash or putting more in the bin, but by the looks of her bags I think she was looking for bottles or something (I should have stopped to ask but I was going to miss my bus).
Like I said in this post, I needed to take a walk this evening. So I did.

I began by using the veceu, and teasing the geese into thinking I had food for them (they're actually quite funny... they usually run from me when I go to use the outhouse, except at night they come for a visit. They must have been confused today)

It's almost wine-making season!

When I got to the stadium/park/shortcut path, I couldn't help but photograph the trees in this light:
Before heading to my "spot" I had to say hello to my friend, the cow:

And apparently it was a self-portrait type of day:

The trees and corn near my "spot":

My spot:

AHH amazing light!

... and I had to finish up the walk with one more self-portrait:

Now I feel much better.

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