14 August 2011

Oops and swimming

Usually it's probably not a good thing when "oops" and "swimming" are put together... but this time it's ok. Well, kind of.

After a pretty relaxing day at the children's camp (which included my photo lesson!!), I had the evening off because the kids were watching a movie in Russian and, well, that doesn't do me much good given the fact that I don't speak Russian. So instead of sitting in my room and working on photos (which I'd been doing all afternoon... I put some up on my Flickr account!), I decided to go try to see how long I could swim in the pool before I get kicked out.

But you see, I used to be a diver and I used to make sure it was very clear that I was a diver and not a swimmer (although I did know how to swim).

Tonight, though, I learned something new about myself (besides the fact that I'd like to have an arrow come out of the sky that says, "This is IT!!!! -- whatever "it" may be -- Now go enjoy yourself!"): I like swimming.... especially at night and it's really not so bad having bats flying my head while I'm doing it, either. Now if only I was in better shape so I could swim longer (looks can be deceiving).

And don't you worry- I didn't forget about the "oops". Being that today was a photo session and this is probably the second to last time I will swim in a pool in the next year, I thought I'd go take my camera and do a long-exposure be all "creative" with me jumping in the pool (yay self timer) and put the photo up for this post. However, I forgot to put my battery back in the camera. So much for being a great photographer/photojournalist. See... oops.

Oh, and please don't forget to vote for my for my first ever photography competition!

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