07 March 2011

Yoga in Austria

I am going to keep this short because i really need to get off of the internet and go relax in the sun for awhile before the next yoga class begins. But being here has really beea wonderful experience so far. The days begin at 6am with meditation (actually it's "concentration" because it takes time to develop the art of meditation and if they put "concentration" on the schedule no one would come, even though it is required). So, that is 25 minutes of sitting in silence and not moving. Isabelle asked me today what the point of that was and when I told her I actually enjoy it because it is a challenge for me to sit still, she was confused. But i really can't sit still and in these concentration sessions we have to because we don't want to disturb the other people in the class. Then at 6:30 we start the chanting.... Which I don't agree with because I feel like I am worshipping the big time yoga instructors who have died (considering their pictures are huge in front of us with candles and other things under them) and I don't know what I am saying... But if I look past that and think about the fact that I dot know what I am saying and it is supposed to help with the "energies" and the breathing then it's not so bad. Then we have a short 10-15 minute tea break and then the yoga class begins. It is so different from hot yoga in that well, it's not hot, but also because there is a lot of relaxing between each of the poses and it seems to really focus on relaxation. Then we finish just before 10 and then go to eat a homemade bio vegetarian breakfast. It's so good that I am finally back to my normal weight. Not tht Moldovan food isn't good... It is just so full of oil that it isn't good for you and i cannot eat a lot of it! Then after brunch we usually have a break until 2, and then it varies as to what we can do. Smetimes there is a lecture, a walk, a cooking class, or the sauna. It's all optional. Or we can schedule a massage. We did the cooking class yesterday and the sauna today. So then, at 4, we have another 2 hour yoga class, then dinner at 6, then meditation and chanting at 7:30, then bed at 9or 9:30. Last night, though, we went on a silent walk in the mountains which was great. Of course I left my yaktrax in my bag in the room but it wasn't too icy, thank goodness. I realized i definitely like silent walks by myself but when it is dark outside and I don't know the area, it is better to be in a group. But it was an interesting concept of focusing on each step taken... So that we are not focusing on the past or the future but instead n the present. Of course I was thinking about the future and when I was going to be able to sleep,... But it was still good and the air was fresh and. Eve with the light fog, the mountains were beautiful.

Now I am off to enjoy the warm winter/early spring sun and maybe take a nap. Believe it or not, i might go back to Moldova (which, by the way, has a much prettier view of the sky and the stars at night) with a little color on my face. Yahoo!

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