24 March 2011

Crazy hair

When I was in 5th grade and hitting that oh-so-fun time in my life of puberty, my hair started getting curly. I had little curls behind my ears and I remember once going to the hairdresser and literally holding on to that section of my hair the whole time because I didn't want her to cut the curls off (little did I know that wasn't going to happen. Oh the innocence of a child).
(this is me and my twin in 5th grade. Don't we look happy? ha.)
Anyways, by 7th grade I had pretty unruly hair... I never knew exactly what it was going to do. Sometimes it was totally straight, sometimes it was really wavy, and something there were kind of tight curls underneath but it was straight on top. It was about chin length at that time so it really got pretty crazy. One day I experimented with a hairdryer and I held my head upside down while I blew my hair dry... and much to my surprise, my hair was actually wavy. But only one one side. So I took a clip and clipped half of my hair back and left the other half wavy because I thought it was so pretty. When I got to school one of my classmates said, "what happened to your hair" and my response was "It's wavy". Now looking back I realize it wasn't a compliment.
This is my hair in 6th grade. Whew look at those curls)
Eventually my hair got longer, prettier, and more manageable.

I usually don't brush it but I usually don't need to because either I'm straightening it or pulling it back into a ponytail... so it doesn't matter. But the other day after I showered I put my hair up in a messy bun on the top of my head and I accidentally fell asleep with it like that. When I woke up in the morning and took it out, my hair was curlier than it had been in a long time so I left it down and went to school. When I returned back home my host mom said, "What happened to your hair? That is not frumos (meaning: beautiful)." She said I needed to brush it and never wear it like that again.

There is a reason I am in the Peace Corps and I don't work in the fashion industry... I don't know the first thing about it... and apparently I can't even keep my hair tame. Yikes.

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  1. Whooa! The picture of you looking down with the lip piercing,w love it!