17 March 2011

Behind closed doors

Here in Moldova the teacher's meetings don't happen after school like the did in the schools I attended in Kansas... they happen during the 10 or 15 minute passing periods. These meetings cover everything from people coming to try to sell things, Politicians (or representatives) giving speeches, and of course information related to the school. Today I'm not exactly sure what went down... but we got called to the office for a meeting after the 3rd lesson. Before I knew it a debate had began and when everyone talks at once I get so lost I just tune out. Then chocolate and candy was put on the center of the table, then two bottles of champagne, and a 2 liters of beer. It was now time to celebrate the fact that one of the teachers is now a grandmother (or a grandmother again... I'm not too sure). So we all toasted and drank a glass of champagne, ate chocolate, and then I got talked in to being on the school volleyball team this weekend: teachers against teachers at the raion competition.

15 or 20 minutes into class already beginning, we all returned to our classes. Luckily the kids didn't get too wild and crazy this time as all of the teachers were in the Principal's office for the meeting, leaving all of the kids without supervision for 30+ minutes.

... only behind closed doors.

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