17 March 2011

Rookie mistake

After 5 days of yoga I was going great at getting up in the morning and practicing... until yesterday. It was colder in my room than usual and so I didn't want to get up. Rookie mistake. I was sad and cranky most of the day, and it didn't help that the weather was colder than it has been, raining on and off (but at the snow is gone! For now!), and it was overcast. Oops.

SO this morning I got up and did it. Before I knew it, I was done and an hour had passed. I feel so much better, relaxed, and high-spirited.... and it's cold, windy, and cloudy outside! Nothing can stop me now!

(My host mom even opened my yoga book this morning and said she wanted to do it with me. I know she was joking especially because she laughed at all of the pictures as she was looking through it. But I think I can convince her one of these days... especially because now that it is spring she is back to work in the fields and at the oil factory. If I were her, I'd greatly dislike spring and fall and I would for sure need yoga to keep my spirits up! hehe)

Here is a photo from one of the silent walks from the yoga retreat.

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