22 March 2011

Positive thinking

I woke up this morning with a lot going through my head again but after taking two long walks yesterday, I was exhausted to I figured I'd set my alarm for a little later this morning and skip out on yoga (lame, I know). So, when my alarm went off I my mind was still racing but at least the sun was up and I can see that the sky is clear. I relaxed.

Then I got on facebook to do my usually early morning check up on what is going on with my friend and family on the (kind of) other side of the world. I came across this quote from a friend who has been super awesome at updating his status with nothing but positive things and optimism:

Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience. -Paulo Coelho

I joined the Peace Corps on a 27 month contract to live in a country I hadn't even heard of before I was told where I was going. I am not making money and I'm not going to school. But I am having an experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life and I am taking two years to figure out how this whole teacher thing works. Pretty sure I took the risk... and now I'm having the experience. Now that experience means breakfast... because I'm hungry.

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