24 March 2011

apples and garlic

As I was enjoying my herbal tea after a dinner of a rather tasty cabbage soup, my host mom asked me if I wanted an apple. I declined and she proceeded to peel it before eating it. About halfway through she asked my host dad if he used that knife to cut his garlic, because her apple tasted like garlic. He said it's possible, but apples and garlic go good together, especially when you add salt (or maybe he said sugar. I can't remember anymore). I made a face and said no thanks, and he kept trying to insist that it really is good. Then he said they'll make some of this "delicacy" (which is what he calls everything I don't like to eat... aka livers, hearts, and sometimes freshly boiled pumpkin but it just depends on my mood) tomorrow. Then I said, "It's a good thing I won't be here" and my host mom started cracking up, and he was still going on about something or another... so she interrupted him and asked him if he heard what I said. He said no, so she told him. Then they both started laughing... and then he said they'll save some on a plate for me and put it in the refrigerator for when I return. I said thank you, and that was that.

They then continued to watch a TV show in Russian that is basically about people that want to get married, so the apply to this show and the show sets them up with 3 dates... they have an interview (not a date, but an interview) and then at the end of the show they choose the person they want to marry. It's quite interesting especially considering I don't understand a word of it.. or a word of the news occasionally watch at dinnertime because it is also in Russian. Yahoo!

Oh, and my host mom also told me that I am their guest and so I should have told them I was hungry when I got back from school (which I wasn't, so I just snacked a little bit) and that a fire needed to be made because it was cold in my room (which it really wasn't, I just know it will be in the morning, so I like a little fire at night to keep it warm). That was very considerate of her to say that! At least I know I can ask (even though I never thought I couldn't).

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