01 March 2011


I don't know my way around Chisinau. Why? I don't know. But I don't.... and I especially don't know the routes of the public transportation so it's usually easier for me just to call a cab. Because I've done this quite frequently I've began collecting a few numbers for drivers that had clean cars, were friendly, didn't smoke, and didn't overcharge me because they know I'm an American (which automatically means I'm rich... according to the stereotype). As of now I have two drivers that I call and if they are busy I will call the company to get me a cab.

Well, last night some of my friends cooked dinner and invited me over to enjoy it (they're so thoughtful... and awesome cooks!!!). It was time to come home so I called Victor Cab. He wasn't working. So I called Victor Cab 2 (yes, they are both named Victor). He was free and working so he showed up in about 10 minutes with curbside service! And he remembered where he picked me up the one and only time he'd driven me before... I didn't even have to say anything, and I didn't realize that until we were about halfway there. So I gave him 50 lei when the charge was 30. When I got out of the car he said, "Call me anytime and I will come get you!" Being as this isn't a country where tipping drivers, servers, etc is the norm... I think he liked that. And I also think I'll have a taxi whenever I need it in Chisinau.



  1. Well done. You were lucky to find a good reliable driver and one who will undoubtedly try to come and pick you up in the future when you call. But for a transportation map of Chisinau, try one of the bookstores in town. There are city maps that show the bus and marshrutki routes in the city. They may take a bit of figuring out, as they might have been printed when the marshrutki still used Stefan cel Mare and not the parallel streets above and below it. But they are there and pretty much still work. Good luck.

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