29 August 2010


This is what I respect most about my NFG at this point: how they treat Vasile.

Vasile is a 70 year old neighbor who "was born sick". When he speaks, it is undecipherable in any language. Supposedly it's Moldovaneste, but who really knows. He talks all the time, has never been married, and never had a family (other than the one that raised him, I suppose). Even though he is "sick", my NMG lets him take the corn off of the cob for the chickens and she gives him food in return for his work. Because of the work I have done with children of special needs, this gives me a great respect for her, especially considering my family told me to stay away from the "sick" people here. I really appreciate her patience with him, and her willingness to give him work and food.

Sometimes actions say more than words.

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