26 August 2010

180º turnaround

I can't even begin to explain the turnaround that happened yesterday. Tuesday was a battle that turned into a great night, but I was not expecting a day like I had yesterday.

When I woke up in the morning, I went to get some breakfast (which is usually some coffee and a piece of bread with jam... or something similarly simple). NTG met me in the bucateria (kitchen) and told me there was piine cu oua (bread with eggs aka french toast minus the syrup) and jam, plus a hard-boiled egg, salt, and coffee. He was being so accommodating and very friendly. I'm not saying he wasn't like this in the past... well, kind of... but I definitely felt some tension up until this point. So, I ate breakfast then headed to school, and I didn't see him until I got home later in the afternoon (after attempting to make sugar cookies, but they were an epic fail. I guess I'm not as "domestic" as Ross though LOL!).

NTG asked my FGs GF and me to help him make dinner because NMG and FG were in Riscani all day. He showed me exactly what he was doing as he made a tomato/carrot sauce for the rabbit. I wasn't much help, but he kept telling me to sit. So I did. Then, after it was done, he sat down with me at the table. We started having a discussion about how my day was and then we began talking about the last few days and the "battles" (so to speak) that we'd been having. We talked through every detail of it and resolved everything! Then we just talked about a lot of things. He told me if I didn't have such a handsome boyfriend, he'd like me to date his son (who, btw, goes back to Russia with his girlfriend on Monday). He'd like someone more beautiful and intelligent and hardworking for his son- and supposedly I fit that description. While I totally appreciate his kind words (I take this as a sign that NTG likes me), I'm very happy with Ross. Luckily NTG won't be pushing this in any direction- he learned quickly I don't work like that. Whew!

Speaking of people trying to "set me up" with Moldovans, it's a constant topic of conversation here in Moldova. When someone meets me for the first time, they ask 2 questions:
1. Do you like Moldova?
2. Are you married?

Then they say, "You know, there is a legend here that if you drink water out of the well then you will find your love and stay in Varatic forever." Maybe this is why Peace Corps won't let us drink water straight from the well... lol.

So... with all of this said... life took a 180º in the right direction yesterday. The night concluded with lots of house wine with dinner, a few house guests (including 2 cats and a dog and some neighbors), and a game of Uno. With some time I really think I'm going to like it here.

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  1. Oh my god. Grant was right. We are the same person.
    Same problems I had 25+years ago.....everyone loves Cate.