25 August 2010

Birthday Party

Yesterday I was strongly advised against going to a birthday party, of which I was invited, because I did not know the woman. However, she is the mother of my partner teacher, and she had asked that I come. But in Moldova, especially in the villages, one does not go to a birthday party if they are not friends (CLOSE friends) with the birthday person. So, for me to come along would not have been seen respectful, my NTG says, and people will talk and laugh at me for it, and I would then not have a good reputation in the village. Oh boy.

After much discussion with my NTG, NMG, and Peace Corps, I decided it was OK if I went to this party- that ended up being a normal dinner that just so happened to fall on the birthday of L’s mom, and so L just so happened to bring flowers, and I just so happened to bring my camera (go figure).

We met her father in the street who, for some reason, only wants to speak Russian to me. He speaks Moldovaneste to the family, but claims I understand Russian completely, so it is better. That’s very kind of him, but I really don’t understand a thing. LOL. He’d lived in Russia for 10 years so I guess it’s more natural to him, or something. No worries. At least I know who to go to if I want a Russian teacher!

I then met her mother and grandmother at the house. L left me alone with the grandmother while she helped her mother prepare dinner. Although she is 77, I was able to understand almost every word she said (aka we kept the conversation going). She was also funny and the life of the party. She absolutely loved having her picture taken (I see where L’s daughter gets it), and she also likes to go to bed without telling anyone. :P

L’s mom, the birthday girl, was also very sweet. She, contrary to her mother and granddaughter, does not like to have her picture taken. Regardless, she agreed to pose for a few pictures. She works at a magazin toward the entrance to town, and asked me to come over whenever I want. Olga and I are going to make cookies to night to bring to the teachers tomorrow (great way to meet them!), and she said we must bring some to her. No problem. I’d be HAPPY to do so!

Unfortunately these posts are going to come in groups because, like I’ve said before, the Internet (of which Maria had no idea what that is!) doesn’t work well. Supposedly in September that will change and I will finally be able to Skype and post pictures again. I spent all day yesterday working on pictures, so I’ll have a few slideshows ready for ya’ll soon.

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