05 August 2010

Evening thunder

As I was eating dinner with the MG and having our normal catch up/story time, the wind began to pick up FULL FORCE. The lights weren't on in the kitchen (the window faces the setting sun- it's perfect at dinner time!), and all of a sudden it got really dark. I could still see the sun out the window, but out the door it had become almost green. Had I been in Kansas I would have thought tornado sirens would have been sounding at any minute. MG took me outside and told me that it wasn't going to rain because the sun was still shining on the honeysuckles. Well, it's currently raining so I call false on that idea. It was a good try on her part. But the rain is perfect- really light with a light roll of thunder in the background. The sun is now completely set, I am (finally) clean, and I look forward to passing out to the sound of the rain and thunder. Bring it on, Mother Nature!

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