17 August 2010

Last day in Razeni

It's my last day in Razeni. I didn't have any classes today- only a REALLY short meeting in the afternoon with the big guys to make sure everything is going well and I'm still happy here and this, that, and the other.

Lucky for me I had a lot to do: aka laundry and packing. Due to a really busy last few days (well, weeks, but in particular last few days), I took advantage of this free day to sleep in until 9:45. When I woke up, I was the only person home, which is what I was expecting because MG said she was going to be gone for a bit in Chisinau. Fine, no worries. That gave me time to get things done so I could be free for the rest of the afternoon. But now it's 6:15pm and she's still not home, and she's not coming home until around 8:30 tonight (or later) because she's waiting for one of her daughters to arrive from Switzerland. I just wished I could have spent the day with her :(

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