23 March 2012

"she can't read"

There is a 9th grader at my school who cannot read in English, Romanian, or Russian. She sits quietly through all of her lessons and never causes any trouble so it seems like her inability to read has been overlooked every year. Today there were only a few students in her class so I made sure EVERYONE read out loud... her included (actually, I looked over the fact that she couldn't read in any language... my goal was participation). I read two words as she followed the text with her finger and then she repeated them. Then there was a teacher's meeting and at the very end it was briefly brought up that she can't read, in which a few of the teachers did not know this. While I want to help her and I feel like I could, I don't know what good it will do because the phonetics in English are very different from the sounds in Romanian and Russian. It breaks my heart that no one felt like they could take the initiative to help her learn to read. Yes, she's 15. But that doesn't mean she can't start now, you know?

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