20 March 2012

Day 2 of awesomeness

Days like today are perfect and I would love it if they happened more frequently!

It's a quarter to 8 at night and I just walked into my house and logged online (after making my bed, that is). I arrived at school earlier than I needed to because I woke up early, had my coffee (thanks Aunt Cathy!!), and was ready to go. Since I was early I was able to sit in the Director's office and help some of the other teachers do some work in Excel and Word and taught them shortcuts to get their work done faster because these programs are rather new to them and most people chicken peck at the keys instead of aligning their fingers correctly so it takes forever to type... so shortcuts help! Then I taught 2nd grade the "Days of the Week" song before I headed out to catch the public transportation to our raion (county, kind of) where I signed the contract and took the modem because the internet should be here in the next 7 days! I then met my partner teacher there, had a coffee, and came home. However, I didn't, in fact, come straight home. Instead I went to one of my student's house's and we celebrated her 16th birthday with cake, homemade food, and a small glass of champagne. The best part was our discussion. She is such a sweet and honest girl who just wants to do good things and she wants a future for herself. On the walk home the sun was setting but many people were outside beginning the spring chores and kids were playing. This is my favorite season because the village just comes alive and I can see it happening. Students ran up and gave me hugs, others introduced me to some of their family members, and some people told me hello (buna ziua, in Romanian) from their porches. When I got home, it was time for dinner and I once again had a rather silly conversation with my host dad. This time it was about Americans vs. the English and how American's are English because we speak English and they established us first. No matter how much I tried to disagree or how many points I could give as to why I don't agree, he wouldn't budge on his opinion until I agreed with him. So, agree I did. That still wasn't good enough because it wasn't sincere! Oh boy. My host dad is too much... and then to top it off my host mom worked all day in the field and then made dinner so she was exhausted and the last thing she wanted to do was put up with his stubborn (but all-in-all good hearted) point of view. Now it's almost 8 and I'm writing this while sitting in bed. My email, Facebook, and LinkedIn will soon be checked and hopefully I'll be asleep before 10.

Not only is my village coming alive, but so am I. This feeling of being back in control of my life is something that words really cannot even describe. I feel liberated and at peace. My future is bright and I'm headed in the right direction!

*Edit* No wonder today is so great... it's officially the first day of Spring. I'm pretty sure all of my stars are aligned... If you believe in that!

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