27 March 2012

Computer lesson #4: Social Networking

When I entered my host parent's house for dinner tonight, my host dad was already searching for music videos online and they'd already successfully Skyped with their daughter and her kids in Cambodia... all without me! I was very impressed! But HD had forgotten all about going to the star (favorites) button.

Me: Why aren't you using the site I showed you for music?
HD: I forgot how.
Me: You go to the star, remember?
HD: But the star is just a star. It doesn't mean anything.
Me: except all of the websites you're going to use. All in one place. Doamne.

Then they wanted to create a Russian Facebook account so they could see photos of their daughter and her kids and they didn't want to keep using my login... when we tried to do it it did not work because you need a cellphone so they can text an activation code and someone (aka one of my students, I assume) apparently used my number to create their own account. So we made a Facebook strictly for the sole purpose of them being able to look through photos of their kids... and me, of course, because they agreed to invite me to be their friend and, of course, I accepted. We took a quick photo using their computer and I absolutely LOVE it. (Students: PLEASE DO NOT FIND THEM ON FACEBOOK!!!!! THEY DON'T WANT TO SEE WHAT YOU DO IN YOUR FREE TIME... AND THEY DON'T CARE)

I'm really going to miss them.

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