01 June 2009

Tomatoes and Goodbyes.

I have never been a fan of tomatoes. Ketchup and pasta sauce- OK. But real tomatoes? No thanks! But my host mom makes this great tart: tuna + tomatoes. Two things I normally am NOT a fan of! But together? SOO good! And in Spain, I went to a "flat party" with a new friend I met on couchsurfing (I ended up not staying with him but he still called me and asked if I wanted to go out with his friends...! I'll talk about this when I tell you about Spain... eventually!)... and his friend had make cherry tomatoes wrapped in a really thin ham. Oh. My. Gosh. Very tasty! So today I went to the store and bought cherry tomatoes- the first time in my life I have ever willingly purchased tomatoes... for myself- and ate them. With the ham.

Then i went to the Lake with my friend, Zeb (from TN), for a few hours. Kind of studied... did lots of talking... and lots of frisbee. When it was time to go actually study and say goodbye, I didn't realize it really probably was GOODBYE. The time has gone so fast here... and, while I am staying until the end of August, most people are leaving much sooner than that... to this is our last 5 days together.

I hate goodbyes.

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  1. Wow! Talk about an open mind!!!! You are amazing.

    Thought about making your chicken and noodles dinner when you get home in August...I hope you have a marvelous time with your Dad! XXOO M