11 June 2009


Well, Dad is finally here!!!! After 3 days of basically non-stop rain, we finally have a gorgeous day... just in time.

I surprised him at the airport as soon as he landed, because I figured he would have a heck of a time figuring out how to get from Paris to Angers, without knowing any French. So once we made it to Angers, we walked around for awhile, and then ate my final dinner with Colette! It was really encouraging though because dad doesn't speak French and she doesn't speak English, so I really had to play translator big time! It was really a test as to how much French I know... and I surprised myself. Great feeling!

The next morning we said our goodbyes after going to Centre Ville so my dad could meet my 2 closest french friends JP and Helene, who are moving to Australia in July, and Charlotta, my friend from Sweden. Then, au revoir Angers! I'll be back in July to see Colette's grand kiddos... :)

Stop 1 (after Angers) was a small town about an hour outside of La Rochelle. The plan was to couchsurf there, then the next day go to Ile de Re and bike all day... but... with rain, that fell through! So instead, Emilie (the CSer hosting us) took us around to really really REALLY small towns surrounding her small town. What an awesome experience and an awesome person!

Next up: Bordeaux to stay with Sylvie...

Ok, dad is waking up from his nap... so I'll update more later!!!!

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