21 June 2009

Austria Traditions

The tradition for the longest day of the year in Austria is one of the coolest traditions I have ever seen... and of course I didn't have my camera on me. BUT! I will tell you about it anyways!

Nearly 8000 fires are lit on the mountains in Austria, and they can be seen from, well, anywhere you can see them. :) I flew to Munich and then went to Garmisch by train, where I was met by Adrian, Pia, Ulli, and friends. We then drove in to town for dinner, then, once it was dark, the fires began. Since it had been raining all week, we were afraid the fires wouldn't be lit. Thankfully, albeit a bit chilly, it didn't rain! We went in to the valley, and one-by-one the fires began. I expected the mountains to look like Christmas trees with 8000 separate fires, but, in fact, they made designs! On one mountain, there were fires evenly spaced outlining the top of the mountain... and on another, there was the German Coat of Arms... crosses... angels... faces... it was just SO cool.

I definitely want to go back next year- and I won't forget my camera in the car! Or tripod, for that matter.


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