30 June 2009


The rain seems to come at the perfect time... it was here at the beginning of my trip in Munich, just after I'd left my dad after being with him for 2 weeks, and just as I changed from one city to another. Now there is a huge thunderstorm rolling in... just after I had to say, "goodbye" to Anke and Lina. I feel like it is my mom crying with me. Even though this isn't goodbye, because it is for sure see you later, it is still so hard to do. After 10 years of wondering where and how she is, and then finding it... part of me is afraid it may be goodbye. (While it won't... it just scares me sometimes!)

Afterall, I may be back in Munich September 2011 to teach English. After spending 2 afternoons at the Montessori school Anke and her husband have founded, I have officially confirmed teaching is what I want to do... and potentially in Munich. If we can get the visas worked out, I'm in. If not, then France it is! However, I have made a home here, and to be with people you care so much about makes it that much easier.

Life is great, and it's funny how at first I was sad, depressed, and basically hating Munich... and now I don't want to leave. If it wasn't for already have purchased a plane ticket, and plans to meet up with Linda, I probably actually wouldn't leave until August. I just love Europe!!!!

Tomorrow: off to Greece!!!!!

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