29 May 2009

Last day of classes!

Today is a perfect day for the last day of classes in Angers... only 1 more week and I have finished the semester (and brought up my GPA!!). It's sunny, warm (not too hot or too cold!) with a breeze. Finals start tomorrow morning at 9am (yes, on a Saturday!). However, I have 2 tomorrow, so that gets 2 out of the way so I can focus the rest of the weekend on studying for the others.

9 days until my dad arrives in France! I can't wait! I just got an e-mail confirmation from couchsurfing.org, confirming I now have all of our trip covered for lodging. I would post more details about what we're doing... but it's a surprise for dad. I am so excited!!!

A bientot (apres mes examens...)


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