01 July 2011

Kissed by a cow

Ever been kissed by a cow?

Yea, me either.

Until today.

I spent the late morning (oops, another sleeping in day!) and early afternoon finishing up the wedding photos from Amelia and Nate’s wedding from when I went home and also talking to a few of my students that stopped by (unfortunately mostly about the accident… and the fact that Sasa claims he will actually try to learn English this year which I’m SO excited about!). Then I’d had enough of sitting inside on this sunny and warm day so I did what I do best- went to the river to read and lay in the sun (ok, hopefully that’s not what I do best but it sure is enjoyable).Photobucket


After about 2 hours of soaking up the rays I decided it was time to head back home. On the way home I saw the first sunflower of the year and a cow that kept beckoning me toward him (or possibly away… but I wasn’t willing to find out which) with his mooooooooooooooooooo!!!!:


and this cow that was definitely beckoning me toward him because he kept coming closer and closer and closer… and then he LICKED my hand. If you’ve never been licked by a cow you are really missing out on an incredibly weird feeling. The texture of the tongue is much like that of a cat… rough like sandpaper. But not only that- it is incredibly long and powerful and he kept trying to see how far he could wrap it around my hand (must have been a game). Finally I was able to scratch him and show him that he doesn’t just need to lick my hand like a lollipop… and he relaxed… then attempted to follow me home until he reached the length of his chain that was stuck in the ground and he couldn’t go any further.


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