05 July 2011

Don't drink the water

On the way to Pelinia today to visit my friend Mandy the rutiera driver was especially cranky and quickly demanding money from the people as they entered. When I go to Chisinau I usually go with this driver because it's at a reasonable time, so I'd say we kind of know each other (well, kinda). But because he was cranky I didn't talk to him like I usually do... which was fine. I wasn't in the mood. Well, when I got off the rutiera at the stop for Pelinia he asked me if I had brought a bottle of water with me. I then told him no (thinking how many times have I left a bottle of water in the car...??!!). So then he told me not to drink the water here and I said no problem- I don't drink the well water in Moldova anyways. Well, then he told me to not drink the water in Pelinia because I needed to drink it in Varatic to stay there.

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