14 July 2011

vivid dreams

Lately I've been having ridiculously vivid dreams.... and usually they're not happy. But the weather is hot and sunny so when I wake up it's all okay again.

Last night, though, I had one of those dreams where it was the first day of school but I wasn't at my school in Varatic, but I was in another country because the people there didn't speak English. I was supposed to be teaching but no one was there to tell me what classes I was teaching, when, or where... and everyone was passing around me and I was so lost and confused. Then the bell rang and I got on a traditional yellow school bus and all of my students then spoke English and had me sit with them, and even made room even though there wasn't a place. After it took what seemed like an hour, all we had done was a giant circle around the school because there was snow and that's where all the busses were going. At that point I was frustrated so I had them stop near a grocery store so I could go buy food and walk home, since it only took me 15 minutes to walk home. When I went in the store I didn't buy anything, but instead I made guacamole right then and there in the store and had some guy taste it but it really wasn't good... and I was trying to figure out how I was going to pay for the limes and the avocado since they go by weight (you see, I'd never steal anything). I guess I was just super hungry which is why I made it in the store... and then I woke up.

Weird. I know.

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