05 May 2009

French Doctors

The French way to do doctors offices are so bizarre... compared to American standards, that is. I have been feeling sick the last couple of days so I went to the "infirmerie" on campus today because I couldn't sit in class any longer. It was an office... much like a teachers office... and I told the woman my symptoms, she took my temp, then said, yes, I think you should see a doctor. So she looked in this book of handwritten doctors names and called a couple before making me an appointment. When I got there, it was the same type of deal- only this time there was a bed to lay on and, what I think of as an at-home scale. Didn't seem sterile at all, so good think I didn't have an open wound or something. Actually, that's not true. I think it's just that American's are super sterile friendly... the French have been doing things this way for years and it seems to work.

Diagnosis: a virus.

Treatment: A day off from school and medicine that only cost me 3 euros.

Outcome: Still sick.


  1. Yeah, isn't it weird? It seemed really strange to go to the doctor in an office sort of room with a desk and papers everywhere and a little bed to one side.