22 May 2009

You never know who knows your language

I am in Villaviciosa, Spain, which is supposedly the second richest city in Spain, next to Madrid. My friend from way-back-when, Sarah, is studying Spanish here! It's so great to see her- especially in a foreign country. I will update you more about this trip and the last few trips soon... but I have an interesting story first!

So I really don't speak Spanish. I can comprehend a little bit of it, but not a lot. So this morning I was in the kitchen getting some breakfast and the cleaning lady started talking to me and asking me questions (most of which I really did not understand). However, I did understand when she asked me if I was studying here with Sarah, and I told her no, that I'm in France. Little did I know that this woman speaks French! Pretty fluently, too! So we had about a 45 minute conversation in French. Also, come to find out, she is from the city in Spain (Salamanca) where I have been told is the best place to go to learn Spanish- by numerous people. So I gave her my contact information and she said she will ask around for people looking for an Au Pair for me.

The power of languages...!!

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