04 May 2009

Red Velvet

I had a dream last night (or was it during my afternoon nap?) that I ate red velvet cake... and now I really want some.

This weekend I went from a rainy and yucky day in Angers to a perfectly clear and sunny evening in Paris.

It's amazing what 1 1/2 hours away can do...!
I saw my friend, Andrea, sing in what is called an "Apartment Tour". It really is a fantastic idea: people open up their apartments for 2 artists to perform. 15-30 people must be in attendance, and at the end they pass around a hat for money, but obviously nothing is required. It was so much fun!

Even after getting a little lost on the way back to my friends apartment, and trying to get lured to a dark and quiet street while just in front of where I was going, I fell asleep with the view of the moon and the eiffel tower and I could say the only thing that would have made the night better would have been a red dress and a date.

After a night in Paris, I headed back to Besançon to see Pauline, Julien, and Narimel. We sent to her parents tiny town an hour away and she showed me around. Since it was May day, apparently the tradition is for the kids that will be 18 that year to go around and collect all of the crap in peoples lawns and put it in the fountain in the "center" of town. Pretty funny. The next night we went to a concert called "L'Herbe en Zik" which means Music in the Grass (zik = short for music), where there were 2 stages set up for shows. My favorite was a genre they call "swing jazz" which is more like swing, jazz, plus a techno beat. I LOVED it. The last group was from Russia, I believe, and the guy didn't speak any French at all, and although he "sang" in english/russian, his spoken english wasn't that great. He kept saying something in one of his songs... but I can't remember it right now. to be continued...
Sunday afternoon was spend with Narimel, Pau + Friends picknicking in the park. Absolutely fantastic and great to see Nari again- and to take it easy!

Now that I am back in Angers I am getting sick with whatever Pau before I got there... so it's back to a nap for me.

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